Chicken Drum Sticks
Cheese Bread
(Pao de Queijo)
Risoles & Quishes

Milk Pudding
(Pudim de Leite)
Brazilian Tiramisu Recipe
(Nossa receita de Pave)
Coconut Bonbon
(Bejinhos de Coco)
Chocolate Bonbon
Chef signature Coconut Cake
(Bolo de coco do chef)
Passion Fruit Mousse
(Mousse de Maracuja')
White Coconut Puding with Plum
(Manjar Branco de Coco e Ameixa)

 To order 
call: 301-326-3414

   BY  E-MAIL,  AT:

type rangofood twice
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Option 1: Read meat with wine sause and grill onions

Option 2: Chicken breast with vegetables with white sause (baked)

The above meals come with rice, pinto beans with saugage and salad


Option 1: Chicken breast

Option 2: Baked red meat with punpikin

The above meals come with rice, mashed potato and salad


We apologize but Rango will be closed on this coming Wednesday


Option 1: Steak with eggs

Option 2: Mixed kabob

The above meals come with rice, trooper beans and salad


Option 1: Feijoada (complete with white rice, yucca flouer, collard green, orange and black beans with 5 different parts of pork meat

Option 2: Chicken fricasse, white rice, black beans and salad

* English: We are ​a catering business company serving around the greater Washington DC area.
*We cook fresh and healthy "homestyle" meals for special events, such as: 
professional meetings, birthdays, weddings, graduation,
Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and any other special events.

* Portugues: Nos somos uma empresa de catering, servindo aos redores de Washington DC.
Nos cozinhamos comidas frescas e saldaveis "caseira," para eventos especiais, tal como:
Reunioes profissionais, aniversarios, casamentos, formatura, Acoes de Gracas, Natal, Pacoa, etc.

   * English: We also deliver individual meals, on a daily basis! Call us at 301-326-3414 to find out if the area where you live is included in our delivery route. If so, let us know if you want us to include your name on our customer database, so that you may receive our daily menu options and specials on your cell phone in the   form of a text message.

* Portugues: Nos tambem fazemos entregas individuais diariamente! Nos ligue neste numero: 301-326-3414 para saber se a area onde voce mora faz parte de nossa rota. Se fizer, deixe-nos saber se voce quer ser incluida em nosso banco de dados, para que voce possa receber nosso menu diario e especiais no seu telefone celular, atraves de uma menssagem de texto. 

  * English: Please, place your lunch order by no later than 10:00 am. Thanks!*
* Portuguese: Por favor, faca sua ordem ate' 10:00 am. Obrigado!*  

   *CALL US TODAY:    

Our chef Rosane is a dedicated and experienced Brazilian chef who has published a book on Brazilian recipes;
received an award certificate from Morgan State University for being a key speaker on the cultural diversity of Brazilian culinary.
Rosane has experience cooking a variety of other intenational dishes as well; and, She is known for her acclaimed "pave" dessert, which is similar to the Italian tiramisu.

*Like / follow us on FACEBOOK by typing the word "rangofood" twice.

Fresh salads served with virgin olive oil
*We also have diet/vegetarian options, so please ask us about it!
Our International Menu includes American, Italian, Mexican, Brazilian and other international dishes. We also serve individual meals or larger orders for
 professional and social  events.
*Click here to order and pay!

  *We are located in Washington DC* 

 * English: Price for one individual meal :  $15.00* Salad of the day included 

      * Portugues: Preco de uma refeicao :  $15.00* Salada do dia incluida*

  * English : order two or more meals and delivery is Free, otherwise, add $2.00 for  delivery - *pick up orders* made by appointment only, call us! 

 * Portugues: Ordene duas ou mais refeicoes e a entrega sera' gratuita, de     outra forma, adicione $2.00 para entrega - *marque um horario para pegar seu pedido--chame-nos! 
  *Daily options / Opções diárias*  
   *Below is our frozen individual meal for $10.00 each*  
with a special passion fruit sauce and rice
com um molho especial de maracujá e arroz.
*Chicken Breast* 
with peas, carrots and country sauce with rice
com ervilhas e cenoura ao molho caipira e arroz.
  *Lasagne alla bolognese or Eggpalnt*  
with mozzarella cheese and your choice of ham or eggplant
Lazanha ao molho bolonheza com queijo muzzarela e sua opcao de presunto or beringela
  Small frozen or fried appetizers, sold by 100 units  
  Salgados congeladas ou fritos vendidas por um cento:  
  *Chicken drum sticks:  
(coxinhas) $80.00 for one hundred pieces / por 100 unidades.
  *Minas' cheese bread / little cheese ball bread: 
(Pao de Queijo) - $ 50.00 for one hundred pieces / por 100 unidades.
  *Italian rissole:   
with corn, $80.00 for one hundred pieces
risole de milho $80.00 por 100 unidades.
  *Cod fish cake (similar to crab cake) / bolinho de bacalhau:  
$80.00 for one hundred pieces / por 100 unidades.

  *Brazilian Quiche / Empadinha:  
with your choice of cheese, spinach, chicken, heart of palm and shirimp - $80.00 per one hundred
com sua escolha de queijo, espinafre, frango, palmito ou camarao - $80.00 o cento.

    *Brazilian Chicken Pie / Empadao:   

 Small: $30.00 (good for 4 people)
Medium: $60.00 (good for 8 people) 
Large: $80.00 (good for 10 people)
  Dessert / Sobremesa:  
  *One whole milk Pudding*  
Pudim inteiro, de leite condensado ($40.00)
  *One whole coconut pudding*  
Manjar branco inteiro, de coco com calda de ameixa ($40.00)
  *One whole passion Mousse*   
*Mousse inteiro, de maracuja’ ($35.00)

*Pave inteiro (similar to tiramisu) - ($50.00 a pie) considered by many to be the best Brazilian dessert!

*All the following items below are $70.00 for a hundred pieces / *Todos itens abaixo sao $70.00 o cento: 

Chocolate Bonbon / Brigadeiro / Coconut Bonbon / Beijinho de coco
  Drinks: ($1.00)  
*Bottled mineral water*
*Can diet Pepsi*
*Can Regular Pepsi*
*Click here to order and pay!
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*Producing high quality and fresh Brazilian dishes*